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Post  rut on Sun Nov 18, 2012 11:42 pm

-Fixed a bug that prevented Scourges from colliding with walls

- Fixed a bug that allowed some special attacks' projectiles to travel through walls

- New Playable Unit: The Zergling!
- Lanes map has been replaced with the "Pond" map
- Lob Mastery perk now increases lob speed from 8 to 10 (as opposed to 9)
- Preparedness perk now adds +4 Starting Dodgeball instead of +2 Starting, +1 Respawn
- Increased Unit Pick lobby time from 45 seconds to 60 since there are so many new options
- Non dodgeball-related attacks can no longer hit a lifted unit
- Fixed the Phoenix's picture in the Showdown screen

- New Unit: Phoenix!
- Menu bar has been reinstated
- Auto-Dodgeball upgrade cost reduced from 4 to 3
- Modified dodgeball-picking-up behavior to improve performance
- Fixed a problem that prevented some units from Passing
- Fixed a bug that prevented Ultra Balls from disappearing

- Reinstated the standard Menu Bar!
- Fixed dodgeball attachment points for broken units

- Fixed Marauder dodgeball-holding placement issue

- Created 14 Unlockable Competitive Perks!
- 2 New Units--Marauder and Goliath
- 1 New Map--The SERIOUS Map (gimmickless for competitive players!)
- Created the "Showdown Screen" that shows the team info before each round
- Passing now automatically tracks the target if a unit is selected
- Fixed bugs preventing some units from passing
- Updated Biographies for several units

- Made Command Card easier to see

- Added Passing Range indicators
- Made Passing compatible with upgrades

- Pass Ability added! Use "T" to pass a dodgeball to a teammate!
- Reduced the size of the walls in the Lanes map
- Fixed (hopefully) a bug that allowed dodgeballs to land in unreachable places in the Lanes map

- Fixed a bug that prevented the Undo button from working properly in Elimination Mode
- Increased the minerals given between Elimination Rounds from 10 to 12
- Fixed a bug that gave the red screen effect whenever any unit took damage from Flamewall
- Catching a dodgeball with the Hydralisk creates a "Caught!" text-tag

- New FFA Map--Frisbee Arena!
- Awesome new text in the top-left corner explains that F10 opens the now invisible game menu!
- Fixed a bug that showed dodgeballs hovering over center of Fire Map

- Stream map has been replaced with the new "Lanes" map!
   (The Stream map caused way too much lag)
- DT now takes 50% less damage while cloaked
- DT's Smokescreen Range increased from 2 to 2/3/4
- Muta's Clone takes less damage instead of more, from 3x/2x/1x to 1x/0.5x/0x
- Muta's Clone cooldown decreased from 30/20/10 to 20/15/10
- Muta's Scourge Ball cooldown decreased from 30 seconds to 24
- Zealot's Knuckleball cooldown decreased from 20/15/10 to 15/7.5/0
- Archon's Shock Cooldown decreased from 18/14/10 to 16/12/8
- Archon's Shock damage increased from 0/4/8 to 4/6/8
- Archon's Power Warp dodgeball-flinging range increased from 4/5.5/7 to 5/6.5/8
- Forcefields last 4 seconds, down from 5
- Stalker's Blink Range decreased from 5/6/7 to 4/5/6
- Extra Lives upgrade correctly describes its effect in Elimination Mode
- Better descriptions for game modes

- Left a debugging message on accidentally (random "aaa"s)
- Re-enabled AIs, which were also left off for debugging purposes

- Fixed the Undo button for Elimination Mode
- The game now properly re-selects your Hero when you accidentally select another unit
- Minimum respawn time is now 2 seconds
- Damage dealt is now shown for all newer abilities
- Fixed a bug that prevented the Hydra from being able to catch a Fireball
- Increased lag between Flame Wall's initial explosions and actual fire from .25 to .75 seconds
- Upgrade Time Mineral costs are now always white
- Fixed a bug that could show the unit/upgrade menu after a round started

- Removed unnecessary UI from the latest Bnet patch
- Opening menus progress half as quickly
- Default game mode has been reverted to Standard (for now)
- Sentry's Forcefield ability Range increased from 9 to 12
- Fixed a bug caused by two players selecting the same spot simultaneously

- Fixed a bug that showed the wrong values when voting on game mode
- Created a 2 second delay where you cannot pick a different team spot after you click an open spot
    (This should help prevent a bug that occurs when 2 people simulaneously select the same player spot)

- Default game mode is now Elimination Mode (this is a temporary change)
- New Music for Round 3 of Elimination Mode

- New Game Mode--Elimination Mode!
- Roach's Hostage has been nerfed, number of clicks reduced from 15/20/25 to 10/15 20 and
    Helper Roach's Health reduced from 15/30/45 to 5/10/15
- MULE's Gather has been nerfed--instead of releasing double what was absorbed, it releases 1.5 times what was absorbed
- MULE's Gather no longer has a delay for dodgeball projectile target-searching
- Sentry's Forcefields now last for 5 seconds, down from 6
- Fixed instant spawning bug on first round
- Fixed some of the UI errors caused by Battlenet patch (more to come)

- The Hydralisk can now use the Catch ability while holding a dodgeball--it simply drops the ball it's holding when it starts

- Changed Archon stats from 2/5/1 to 4/4/0
- Changed Archon's Shock Ability Cooldown from 24/20/16 to 18/14/10
- Changed Archon's Power Warp Cooldown from 25/20/15 to 20/15/10
- Archon's Power Warp no longer has a .5 second lag cooldown
- Fixed a bug that gave the Hellion the Firebat's stats when revived
- Fixed a bug that moved units that were out of bounds much too far
- Fixed a bug that reset lives whenever a Hellion or Firebat switched form

- New playable unit: High Templar!
- New playable unit: Archon!
- New playable unit: Hydralisk!
- New playable unit: Hellion/Firebat!
- Units are no longer unlockable
- Ranks now go up to 20, though the rank names have not been changed
- Stalker's Particle Disruptors slow duration has been reduced from 10 seconds to 7.5
- Increased dodgeball spawn rate on the Stream Map
- Reaper's Proximity Mine cooldown does not decrease with upgrades anymore (20 second cooldown)
- Fixed (hopefully) a bug that allowed players to get to the enemy side

- Accidental bug had Stalker's Health 10 higher than it should have been. This has been fixed.

- Fixed bugs surrounding leaver, idle, and FFA points

- Fixed more bugs with AI replacing leaver

- Fixed some bugs with the AI replacing a leaver

- Players who leave will now be replaced with an AI until the end of that game
- Added 4, 6, and 12 player modes
- Teams with 2 or less players will get +5 minerals after each round
- The Ghost's EMP has been buffed--the missile travels at a speed of 8, up from 7
- The time between an EMP detonation and the stun has been reduced from .25 to .15
- The Ghost's Cloak now adds 50% damage reduction, lasts 15 seconds, and has cooldown 40/30/20
- The Stalker's Blink has been nerfed from Range 6/7/8 to 5/6/7
- Reaper's Freebie Shield no longer charges when active, cooldown from 40/35/30 to 36/30/24
- The Immortal's Phase Disruptors no longer has its cooldown or charge amount reduced by upgrades
- Zoom controls are shown in game
- Cursor splat for lobbed dodgeball is shown
- Fixed a bug that recorded double losses
- FFA Camera on the Circle Map shouldn't cut off the bottom of the map anymore

- Fixed the ending game glitch from ruining FFA mode
- Fixed a type in the Reaper's shield description

- Removed the glitch preventing the game from ending, hopefully once and for all
- Lives Leaderboard will now update whenever a unit dies
- Made dodgeballs spawn faster in the second round, especially in the Stream map
- Fixed a glitch that would show mineral costs for upgrades when coming out of idle
- Kill Streak Text Tag will no longer give away which Mutalisk is real and which is a clone

- Removed 12 player mode as it prevented 8 player games from auto-starting with a full lobby
- Fixed a glitch that would prevent games from ending if a player became idle and then resumed playing during the final round

- Attempt at making 8 player mode start automatically when the lobby is full
- Zealot's Charge can no longer allow it to go all the way through Arena boundaries
- The Circle Map's boundaries are no longer bugged if a unit breaks through a wall
- Fixed a bug that caused the Stream Map to get default votes2.13
- Hotfixed a dumb error preventing respawn on the Circle Map

- Hotfixed a dumb error preventing respawn on the Circle Map

- Hotfix Random FFA glitch

- Idle players will no longer prevent menu progression and will have an AI take over temporarily
- Text Tags now appear to guide (0) Beginner players with the controls
- AI players show yellow in the left and right name dialogs
- Increased the speed of dodgeball spawning in the first round
- Fixed an error in the points shown after a FFA match
- Fixed the bug that allowed a stimmed marine to cross the center line
- Center-crossing is handled much smoothier than before
- New players will earn the first few ranks faster (Rank 3 takes 100 points instead of 150)
- Fixed a typo in the Ghost's biography
- AI has been modified slightly in order to reduce redundancy
- Updated Arcade Info

- Removed debugger for FFA assist recording

- Made Small Map walls slightly smaller
- Fixed the "You grew a level" from accidentally appearing
- Fixed (hopefully) the Bank dialogs when clicking on other players
- Compuer kills now add half the points of a human kill to the Rank score

- 2 New Maps: Stream and The Little One!
- FFA mode now awards minerals for "assists"
- Career Stats Menu has been completely redone--there's now a progress bar for growing ranks!
- Kill Streaks and Multikills are now recorded
- You can now see other players' stats by clicking on their name on the left or right menus!
- Rank Progress Bar shown at the end of a game
- Auto-Dodgeball Upgrade Cost reduced from 5 to 4
- Sentry's Forcefield has been nerfed--forcefields last 6 seconds, down from 8
- Stalker's Blink has been nerfed, from Range 6/8/10 to 6/7/8
- Reaper's Freebie Shield has had its cooldown raised from40/35/30 to 45/40/35
- Siege Tank's Megaball search radius has been reduced from 1.00 to 0.75
- Fixed Megaball and Rapidshot Bounce calculations--they used to be bugged and would reflect a much shorter distance than they should
- Perks show the correct-sezed dodgeballs in lower graphic settings now
- Fixed FFA left-side name display
- Masterballs throw straight can no longer hit a burrowed roach
- Fire Map should be better about not having unreachable dodgeballs
- Camera Adjustment Settings have been Completely Redone
- Kill Streak Text Tags No Longer Give Away a Cloaked Unit's Position
- Fixed the Dark Templar's Stats Display
- FFA kill-streak text should be in the right color now

- Fixed some issues with out-of-bound dodgeballs in the Fire Map
- Missiles travelling off the Fire Map will no longer have their projection distorted (most of the time)
- Incorporated a slow fiery death animation for dodgeballs that land in lava!

- ...I left another debugger on. Should be good now.

- Oops, left a debugger trigger on. Fixed!

- Created a backup bank--if you lose your stats, your rank should remain
- Low quality dodgeball perks are now supported
- A bug regarding the Perk menu has been fixed
- FFA mode no longer bugs out the left-side player menu and disallows the right-side player menu from appearing

- New Playable Unit: Dark Templar!
- Added Unlockable Dodgeballs (Perks)!
- Units are arranged by difficulty, higher difficulties are unlockable
- New Loading Screen!
- Added more rankings, up to 13
- Added Scoreboards for Kills and Lives on the right side of the screen
- You can now see your allies who are cloaked
- Reaper's Freebie Shield has had its cooldown raised from 40/32/16 to 40/35/30
- The variance in where dodgeball could land when using fungal lob has been increased
- MULE's Gather ability has been buffed--it stores twice the number of dodgeballs it picks up
- Your unit's command card and abilities are now shown when you're dead
- Added Observer Mode when you run out of lives
- Made the game timer more obvious when a round is ending
- Fixed Zealot's Abilities in the Upgrade Screen
- Made the UI smaller to fit non widescrean resolutions
- Reshaped the Hero Select screen to accentuate unit difficulty
- Added camera zoom and rotation functionality
- Made Leaderboard smaller to be easier on the eyes
- Reshaped Team-Select dialog
- Set Bank Info background to black
- Dodgeballs shouldn't disappear as frequently in the Metal Arena
- Had to hotfix a dumb glitch with the Metallic map. D'oh!

- The searching behavior is now applied to the Heroes instead of the dodgeballs, reducing lag
- Fixed (hopefully) a glitch that made some dodgeballs impossible to pick up

- Game is no longer considered in Beta testing!
- New Game Mode: Free For All!
- New Playable Unit: MULE
- New Playable Unit: Infestor!
- New Playable Unit: Reaper!
- Increased the speed of travel for lob throws from 7 to 8
- Stalker's Blink has been nerfed: the cooldown has gone from 12/10/8 to 14/12/10
- The Sentry's Guardian Shield has been nerfed: the cooldown has gone from 25 to 28
- Added a multi-kill system! A player is awarded bonus minerals for killing multiple enemies in rapid succession
- Added kill-streak tracking!
- Rankings are shown in the character select/upgrade screens now
- Added tips to the F12 menu
- Vespene is no longer shown
- AI has been improved--computers will no longer go for dodgeballs on the other side of the field
- Helper arrows will show you where your unit is at the beginning of each round
- Fixed a bug that prevented new dodgeballs from being created inside structures
- Fixed the Metallic Map's teams sides--they were slightly unveven
- Scourges are created towards the target point, stopping them from suiciding against walls on creation
- Fixed a bug that caused the Extra Lives upgrade to stay at a higher cost after a player reset their upgrades
- Made the Siege Tank's Reactor ability show its animation for the entire duration
- Fixed a bug (hopefully) where the dodgeball spawn animation would play but no dodgeballs would be created
- Fixed a bug (hopefully) that allows a Zealot to push other units outside of the Arena bounds permanently

1.59 Fixed some minor bugs (hitting "reset stats" while changing unit would make things funky)

- Added a leveling system (10 ranks)
- Some new tips to show beginners important details
- Bank information regarding the Metallic map should finally be working right
- Ally settings during intial startup have been corrected--chatting with "allies" will work properly directly after team picking
- New music for the first round
- Removed the stun that was applied to units who crossed into enemy territory
- New opening screen

1.57 Accidently left one of the player slots on Computer. D'oh!

- Hotfixed some bank errors with the new map
- Made Stalker's Particle Disruptors have a delay before they search for target so they don't hit walls behind the Stalker
- Made the Roach's Burrow protect him immediately instead of after the animation finishes

(I lost my notes in a power outage, so this list will be missing some minor changes)
- Added the Metallic Map!
- Fixed a bug where the Roach, when unburrowing, sometimes did not show the dodgeball it was holding
- Originally, every time a dodgeball hit a wall, it would bounce a distance of at least 1.
        This functionality has been removed in order to prevent bugs, which were prevalant on the new map.
- Added an Upgrade Reset button. This allows you to undo your upgrade choices for the round.
        (This was added because of a request someone left in a review--I do read them and take them seriously!)

- Had to hotfix an infuriating bug that gave Team Fantastic the mineral bonuses that should go to Team Amazing
A personal apology to everyone who experienced that really stupid bug Sad

1.53 is a hotfix to a stupid mistake that prevented map-deaths from recording

1.52 is a quick re-upload because I forgot to turn off a debugging message

- Created Record-Saving! Hold "Tab" to see your stats!
- Nerfed Siege Tank's Megaball cooldown from 24/18/12 to 30/25/20
- Made the Minerals easier to see in the Upgrade Screen
- Modified Spawn times to reflect the number of players still active in the final round
- A +5 mineral bonus per discrepancy is given to teams with less players
- The random button for map-voting should no longer glitch
- The starting menus have been widened to make room for more units/features
- Fixed a glitch that could occur by starting the next round too quickly

1.49 Hotfix to Fire Map camera, which was not working for anyone other than player 1.

1.48 Had to hotfix another glitch caused by the hotfix of the last one. I'll get better at this, I swear!

1.47 Had to hotfix a glitch. If you're in the process of changing your unit in between rounds when the round starts, it would screw up your unit.

- Added the Siege Tank as a playable unit!
- Lowered maximum game size to 4v4--this is a temporary change
- Buffed Roach Burrow and Ghost Cloak--dodgeballs being held no longer give away their position
- Changed Cloak ability from 20 second duration and cooldown of 45/35/25 to a cooldown of 30 seconds and duration of 14/21/28
- Dodgeballs that spawn in the middle of the map now have a much higher chance of being special
- Dodgeball spawn rates are determined by the number of players in the game
- Dodgeballs now spawn faster in the first two rounds
- Clone has been buffed from a 30 second cooldown to a 20 second cooldown
- Lowered Unit Pick and Upgrade Select Time from 60 seconds to 45
- Re-centered the Hero Select Screen, which was offset slightly and slowly driving me mad

- Some minor bug fixes
- Fixed a problem with the Zealot's Charge not scaling correctly with the upgrade
- Fixed (hopefully) a bug that allows for uneven teams
- Made the AI more aggressive
- Took steps to lessen the effects of the crazy Rapid-shot glitch
- Lowered end screen time before a new game begins

- Added the Zealot as a playable unit!
- Raised the Hardened Shield's Cooldown, from 8/6/4 to 10/8/6
- Lowered the clicks required to escape "Hostage" from 20/30/40 to 15/20/25
- Workaround to lessen effects of click-macros against "Hostage"
- Fixed (hopefully) a bug involving spawning on the Fire map
- Set rotating camera off as default
- Attempted to fix a bug involving spamming Upgrade buttons
- Set a limit to the number of lives you can have on the Final Round (4)
- Lowered the "Auto-Dodgeball" Upgrade cost from 6 to 5
- Changed aesthetics of the map-select screen

- Added the Fire map!
- Added one more round (4 total).
- Random bug fixes and balancing.

- Added a Running Total Leaderboard shown at the end of each game
- Random bug fixes

- Fixed some bugs
- Added custom music!

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