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Post  rut on Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:06 am

Hi there! Well, I took quite a long break but am ready to start adding to StarDodgeBall. Let’s begin with patch 2.40, which introduces 2 new units, 1 new map, and Competitive Unlockable Perks! I’ll explain what each are below.

New unit #1: Marauder
Health: 4
Power: 2
Speed: 2
Offensive Ability: Concussive Shells
Defensive Ability: Vital Stim
The Marauder is a straight-up combat unit. Concussive shells launches several missiles that deal damage and slow the enemy by 30% for 5 seconds, and Vital Stim acts more like a real Stim Pack by reducing the Marauder’s Health by 5 but adding +2 to both Power and Speed for 10 seconds. The Marauder is a stat-based unit, and when fully upgraded can reach stats of 6-7-7 (It’d be 7-7-7 but losing 5 Health is the equivalent of going down 1 Health stat point).

New unit #2: Goliath
Health: 2
Power: 3
Speed: 3
Offensive Ability: Haywire Missiles
Defensive Ability: Riot Shield
The Goliath is my new all-time favorite unit to play! His Haywire missiles takes a second to charge and then fire straight-forward (think Immortal). Each missiles does 5 Damage and a 2 second stun. It’s very hard to hit with—following an enemy like with the Immortal or Mule does not work very well—but it’s very powerful when it connects. His Riot Shield ability creates a shield in front of the Goliath that reflects enemy dodgeballs. Both abilities are forward-oriented, making him (to me at least) one of the more difficult units to play, but no doubt he’ll be quite viable!

New map: The Serious Map
The Serious Map is the same size as the Standard map and has reflective side walls, but the back walls are completely non-reflective. They stop dodgeballs from flying out of bounds but they will not reflect them at all. This map was created for the more serious player and is a tribute to PierceSC2, who has helped share high-level advice and feedback with me.

Competitive Perks
0: Starting Minerals—start with +2 minerals
1: Indecision—switching units between rounds is free
2: Shield Mastery—your unit is defense-matrixed at the start of each round and respawning shields last twice as long
3: Headstart—+1 to all stats for the first round only
4: Critical Strike—20% chance to deal double-damage with a dodgeball hit
5: Lucky Pickup—25% chance picking up a standard dodgeball will turn it into a Greatball
6: Lob Mastery—increased lob travelling speed
7: Life Leach—+5 Health per kill
8: Vigor—+2 Speed when at full Health
9: Preparedness—+2 Starting Dodgeball and +1 Greatball upgrades
10: Ninja—stationary cloaking (no damage reduction though)
11: Vengeance—when you die you respawn instantaneously and whoever killed you gets a short movement slow
12: Magnetism—all dodgeballs around your unit slowly gravitate towards it
13: Master Immunity—Masterballs only deal standard dodgeball damage to you
14-20: Coming Soon—please share your ideas, I want these ones to be really special!

There’s also some small bug fixes and Passing has been reworked to home in on the unit you select (unless you select a spot on the ground, of course).

I also want to mention that I’ve given myself a challenge to release a new unit every Friday starting next week. I have no idea if I’ll be able to reach it (not even any guarantees for the first Friday) but I’m gonna do my best!

On the side, I’m planning on getting HOTS in the near future and upgrading SDB to it (the Goliath and Firebat are just placeholders for the Warhound and Hellbat, really). If anyone thinks that might not be a good idea, please let me know.

You guys rock!

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