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Post  rut on Sat Jan 05, 2013 4:38 pm

Replayability is one of the key attributes of any game. Of course, the fun factor of playing the game itself is going to provide the most replayability, but there are also little "techniques" games can use to keep players coming back. Things like alternate endings, unlockables, downloadable content, and ranks can all increase replayability. In StarDodgeBall, I aim to create replayability outside the gameplay by constantly adding new units/maps, and also by having a rank system. This blog will focus on the ranking system and the numbers behind it.

Your rank is determined by a combination of factors. Here it is in a nutshell:

Standard Wins * 10
FFA Wins * 20
FFA 2nd Places * 10
Human Kills * 1
Computer Kills * 0.5

You add these all up, and you have your rank!

Also note that there is a "hidden" internal ranking score that is added to your final score, but it only exists if your bank data is lost completely. I read that some people will lose all their bank data if their computer loses power or if something wierd happens in-game, while their bank is loaded, so I created a backup system. Every time you leave a game, a secondary bank opens and saves your current total rank score (since it only opens when you leave a game, there should be no risk of it being susceptible to corruption the same way that the primary bank is). If the game detects, upon starting a new game, that all your data in your primary bank has been erased, it will add the backup rank into your rank calculation. In theory, if your bank data is corrupted, you will lose all your stats but will still keep your rank.

Also, I should mention that the bank IS NOT ENCRYPTED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM! Not only am I unceasingly lazy, but since your ranking affects nothing gameplay-wise (except at the beginning ranks when you don't have all the units unlocked), I figure there's no harm in people hacking their own banks. You want to set your wins to 5,000 and your losses to 0 and give yourself the highest ranking? Go for it! But that won't stop others from trashing you on the dodgeball court...

I suppose I should also list the rankings and the points required to get to them:

(0) Beginner: 0 Points
(1) Recruit: 25 Points
(2) Disciple: 50 Points
(3) Corporsl: 100 Points
(4) Mentor: 200 Points
(5) Sergeant: 325 Points
(6) Master: 450 Points
(7) Captain: 700 Points
(Cool Executor: 950 Points
(9) Commander: 1,250 Points
(10) Dodgeballer: 1,600 Points
(11) Greatballer: 2,000 Points
(12) Ultraballer: 2,500 Points
(13) Masterballer: 3,000 Points

As you can see, you grow the first few ranks really fast compared to the rest! I want people to know that unlocking new units is more of a learning thing--preventing beginners from playing the much harder units--than a progression thing. Unlocking new ranks and the new dodgeballs that come with them is the real progression!


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