Blog #1--Why This Game Exists

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Blog #1--Why This Game Exists Empty Blog #1--Why This Game Exists

Post  rut on Sun Nov 18, 2012 11:12 pm

This game exists for fun. That's really the end-goal of the hundreds of hours I've put into creating StarDodgeBall. I want it to be a method of entertainment that many people can have the option of enjoying.

I remember what was probably around a year ago, I was watching Idra (who is awesome) stream himself laddering competitively. After a loss, I believe, he joined a game of Star Strikers and started playing it in an attempt to unwind and have some fun. I thought it was so neat that even professional Starcraft players will occasionally play a custom map like that, and it's exactly what I want to recreate. When life is tough and you need a break, you can relax and play a game of StarDodgeBall!

So if you're ever feeling frustrated or annoyed while playing this game, please stop and do something that makes you happy! I don't mean that aggressively, but unhappiness as a result of playing most likely means something is wrong. And if you come across a strategy or some form of abuse that you feel greatly diminishes the entertainment value of the game, please post in these forums! Not every unit/ability/map successfully accomplishes its job of adding to the fun-value of the game, and I am always willing to make changes when the ultimate goal is threatened!


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