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Post  rut on Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:26 am

Hey everyone! I've entered a perfect storm of new responsibilities (started a new job!) that lead to me not checking on StarDodgeBall's reviews for over 2 weeks, and I was very surprised to see overwhelmingly negative reviews. I think a mix of the latest patch creating latency (Blizz released a workaround for this issue which I had to use since the game was unbearably laggy after the patch) and the simultaneous release and promotion of Elimination Mode created an awful environment for new players.

Elimination Mode was the original game type I envisioned when planning the game. I eventually switched to what I call "Standard" mode because I was afraid newer players would be turned off and frustrated by dieing, especially early in the round. Promoting Elimination Mode as the default choice was a good experiment, but I've decided to make Standard Mode default again in light of the recent negative reviews.

Hopefully the latency has been fixed and this new change will lead to newer players enjoying the game more.

I also want to mention that Blizz is planning on featuring the game during the HOTS release party and have asked me not to make any major changes until after HOTS comes out to make sure no bugs are introduced that could wreck the game during its showcase. Therefore for the next couple of weeks I'll only be releasing bug fixes and maybe balance changes. That being said, I'm still planning on releasing competitive perks and a universal "pass" ability shortly afterward.


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