Option to trade minerals?

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Option to trade minerals?

Post  Dark on Mon Jan 14, 2013 9:08 am

I was thinking earlier that it would make sense if you could trade your minerals to teammates.

I'm currently rank 5 and my main character is the Reaper as I have the most fun with him because of his fast speed but anyway, most games I play last round I end up with spare minerals(1-4) which I can't spend because I have maxed out everything I wanted to, but I was thinking it would be good if you could trade them to teammate(s) so they could pick up the extra lives for the final round. I have come across players who on the 3rd round don't earn enough minerals to buy extra lives for the final round so therefore his teammates could help out with whatever they have spare to make it more fair and games were the opponents pretty much dominated my team although I scored a lot of kills on them but I had the extra minerals I could spend.

But to avoid anything bad, I would say to only enable mineral trading for the final round as players could abuse it early game and just pass them to one person to get maxed out fast.



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Re: Option to trade minerals?

Post  rut on Mon Jan 14, 2013 9:56 am

That's a very interesting idea--I had not thought about mineral trading. I fully agree that it would have to be final-round only, as it could be heavily abused in the first rounds. I like the idea of teammates communicating with eachother ("I need one more mineral for an extra life--anyone got extra?").

I'll go ahead and experiment with that--thanks for your suggestion!


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