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More Units? Empty More Units?

Post  Zergling on Sat Feb 23, 2013 11:33 pm

-The Ultralisk throws two, three row cross firing columns of balls, sort of like scissors, starting at each blade in front of the Ultralisk.
-A great ball would add two, three row columns on each side of the original set. The ultra ball would add four, three row columns.
-The Ultralisk will preform a ground stomp that will pull balls from a variety of ranges towards the Ultralisk.

-The Zergling will throw a small,quick ball that will bounce around the map up to three times and fall.
-A great ball would add two balls beside the original ball. An Ultra ball would add four.
-The Zergling will gain an adrenaline boost for a period of time.

Just some ideas, please tell me what you think! Smile



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More Units? Empty Re: More Units?

Post  rut on Thu Feb 28, 2013 12:28 pm

Hey Zergling, thanks for the ideas! Just to be perfectly honest, I'm not planning on adding another wave of units for a little bit--gonna be working on debugging and perks for the next big update. That being said, let me give you my take on your ideas.

I like the Ultra's offensive ability--it's fun to add new types of throwing movement (and it's not as difficult to implement if the thrown dodgeballs don't need their own models/animations). The defensive ability I imagine falls more in line with a Protoss unit--I picture something like a fancy Protosser releasing a wave of power that draws all nearby dodgeballs to it. I'm thinking of making a Dark Archon unit, and this is definitely something I can see working with it.

The Zergling's offensive ability sounds really cool. I've thought about making a dodgeball throw that would bounce indefinitely until it hit a target, but the reason I haven't pursued its effectiveness would be heavily map-dependent. On the Fire FFA map, for instance, it would be entirely worthless, which would be unfortunate. But it's definitely a cool idea and I might give it a shot in the future. The defensive ability is something that I don't "agree" with, namely because the Marine already has a temporary speed boost. If we want to add another speed-boosting ability, it would need to have some aspect that sets it apart in some way.

As a side note, the Marine's abilities were actually originally going to belong to the Zergling (Adrenal Glands = Rapid Shot and Metabolic Boost = Stim). I ended up changing them to the Marine, however, since I wanted another "all-around" unit (I already had made the Mutalisk), and it fit him very nicely.

Thanks for all your help and ideas!

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