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Random Only unit ideas Empty Random Only unit ideas

Post  PierceSc2 on Tue Jan 22, 2013 5:27 pm

These units would be random only, that is you can only get it by chance and if you choose random. (if there are 10 units total then you have a 1/10 chance of picking it.)

Name: Mothership
health High
Power: low

The mothership is larger than other units so it is slightly easier to hit. It would be similar to thor.

Ability 1: Vortex: sucks in units temporarily until its finished (like the real vortex)
Ability 2: Cloaking field: Cloaks allied units that are near you.
Name: Corruptor
health Medium
Power: Medium

Ability 1: Corrupt: Affected unit takes extra damage for X seconds
Ability 2: Morph to Broodlord (takes x seconds to morph and cannot morph back. you respawn as corruptor when you die however)

Speed: Low
Health: Medium
Power: Medium

Ability 1: Broodlings: Throws a ball that spawns 2 temporary broodlings on impact.
Ability 2: Flight: While active broodlord can only be hit by lobbed balls.


Speed: Medium
Health: Medium
Power: Low

Ability 1: Auto-Turret- Summons a turret that deals low damage and only attacks within it's range. Does not deal killing blows.
Ability 2: Point defense drone: Summons a point defense drone that stops balls thrown by opponents (that enter its range) does not affect lobbed balls


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