Blog #10--Stream and TheLittleOne

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Blog #10--Stream and TheLittleOne Empty Blog #10--Stream and TheLittleOne

Post  rut on Sat Jan 05, 2013 4:55 pm

This blog is about the two newest maps I've added at this point, the Stream map, and the one I call "TheLittleOne." In case you're unfamiliar, "TheLittleOne" is a reference to TeamLiquid's fantastic and creative European pro Zerg player. Go TL!

The Stream map was created to be a more competitive variant of the Standard map. I noticed that dodging incomng dodgeballs was almost impossible in the Standard Map in the later rounds because they bounce off the back wall. Bouncing off of side walls makes sense, but I can see how back wall bouncing kind of increases the strength of attackers (though I admit on the other hand that having a back wall keeps the ball in play for the defender to throw back, I think the overall result is more offense-friendly). The Stream map does away with the back wall in order to reward dodging a little more.

The aesethetics of the map are my best attempt to create a sort of jungle-paradise river sort of atmosphere. There's also rain, if you look real closely. However, terrain aesthetics are definitely not my strong suit, so yes I agree it' not all that great visually.

The stream going through the middle was my attempt to add a litle "flair" to the map. The Fire map's lava effect was very well-received, so I decided to make a water variant. The stream slows down your unit slightly, but not enough to make a huge difference. My fear is that it will turn into a minor annoyance rather than an interactive feature, but we'll just have to see how people respond to it.

The Little Map has already received overwhelmingly positive reviews though! The map is significantly smaller, reflective walls all the way, and some center reflective obstacles to make it even more crazy. Someone once suggested a game type where dodgeballs travel infinitely, constantly bouncing off of the walls until they finally hit a target. Though that is near impossible to accomplish within the coding framework of this game, I liked the idea of a more crazy, frantic, bouncerific game type and decided that a really small map with lots of bouncy walls could bring it to life. I also think newer players can enjoy this map more due to being able to score more kills.

Overall I'm very satisfied with TheLittleOne and will probably create some more maps in the same scale. The Stream map has honestly been a little disappointing to me--it's a little more competitive, sure, but I think it loses some of the fun factor due to it being so hard to score kills on it. Perhaps I'll up the dodgeball spawn rate on it so games are a little more fast-paced.

Got any ideas for new maps? Please share them! Just make a thread in the Suggestions/Complaints category and I'll be sure to check it out!


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