New Unit: Zergling, New Map: Pond

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New Unit: Zergling, New Map: Pond Empty New Unit: Zergling, New Map: Pond

Post  rut on Fri Jul 19, 2013 10:06 am

Hey there! This week's new unit is the Zergling, and the Lanes map has been replaced by the new Pond map. I've also buffed the Lob Mastery perk and changed the Prepardness perk from +2 Starting Dodgeball and +1 Respawn Dodgeball to +4 Starting Dodgeball.

Health: 0
Power: 3
Speed: 5
Offensive Ability: Duplicate
Defensive Ability: Leap
The Zergling has the same stats as the Mutalisk—it’s a very fast, very fragile, solid attacker. Duplicate takes a dodgeball and splits it into two. The Zergling then holds one in each claw and can throw them whenever it wants. It’s super fun to be able to hold two ultraballs at the same time! The Leap ability makes the Zergling jump into the air forward from where it’s facing. While in the air, the Zergling cannot be hit by straight-traveling attacks, though it is possible (albeit extremely difficult) to collide with a lobbed dodgeball.

I find the Zergling super fun to use. It has a feel similar to the Mutalisk, but its survivability is much better due to its effective and somewhat spammable Leap ability. The Duplicate ability is also extremely fun to use and very effective—it might need to be nerfed, so enjoy it while it’s still potentially OP!

Also, the Lanes map has been replaced with the Pond map. It has a larger shared-center (circular in the middle) a la Zergling’s suggestion. It might be a tad buggy due to the mechanics of the game being set up for rectangular center-areas, so please let me know if you find any problems!

Happy dodgeballing!


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