I want add Marauder!

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I want add Marauder! Empty I want add Marauder!

Post  jhy8746 on Sat May 11, 2013 12:42 am

Hi rut, long time no see.
I'm trying to suggest to you, so I sent an e-mail.
The suggestion is add unit. I want to add a Marauder unit.
The Marauder basically have strong power and middle health, a little slow speed.
Offensive ability is Concussive Shells, Defensive ability is Kinetic Foam(Wings of liberty campaign upgrade in armory console).
Offen ability effect is attack middle area, and slow enemy. Defend ability is increase move speed and armor for several seconds.
What about your things rut?

I sent mail, but you don't read mail Sad
So i upload forum bounce


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I want add Marauder! Empty Re: I want add Marauder!

Post  rut on Sat May 11, 2013 1:24 pm

Hey there!

After the Korean translation I've been taking a break from the game, just to clear my head and pursue some other hobbies. That being said, I'm planning on working on a big update with several new units, a new map, and competitive perks.

As for the Marauder, that was coincidentally one of the units I wanted to make. I felt that the game could use some more "average" units, so I was going to make the Marauder with 3 Health, 3 Power, and 2 Speed. His offensive ability would be Concussive Shells, which fire a spread of missiles (the number of missiles being dependent on the upgrade level) that deal 5 damage each and slow the enemy, and his defensive ability would be called "Vital Stim" and would sacrifice 5 Health to increase his Power and Speed by 2 for a short period of time (dependent on the upgrade level).

As you can see, the abilities are almost identical to what you recommended!

Thanks for the idea--feel free to share anything else you come up with!


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